DrM develops the CONTIBAC® RX filter

DrM develops the CONTIBAC® RX filter for thickening of fine solids in low concentration.



In Solid-Liquid Separation fine particles often appear as suspensions of large volumes with a low solid

s concentration. The large filtration area required to handle such streams is resulting in large filter housings, structures, plant footprints and corresponding high CAPEX and OPEX.

The CONTIBAC®RX allows to work with up to four times more filter area than traditional solutions.

Typical applications

Silicon slicing coolant recycling

Chlor Alkali brine polishing

Solids recycling from various effluents


Design Features and Benefits

Long service life

Low maintenance

Low spare parts cost

Low energy consumption

Submicron particle retention

Scaleable system with 10 and 15 m2 modules